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What is Lasertag?

Lasertag is a pain free electronic version of paintball and offers visitors of all ages the chance to experience the fun and enjoyment that lasertag can bring to your event. Our goal is to make sure visitors have the time of their lives by offering them made up combat simulation games that create an adrenaline filled and fun experience. 

Lasertag is a made up simulation game that uses infrared beams that shoot out of the lasertag taggers {guns}. The beam is like that of a TV remote and is completely harmless which makes it an ideal activity for all ages. The taggers have sensors on them that pick up these beams and relays information back and forth which is how you know if you have been shot or if you have shot someone else and once the round is over the taggers calculate which team has won.

Once your group arrives we will split you into two teams and explain the rules of the game. Each team will go to their assigned Base on the field. Once the game starts the players will try eliminate the opposing team players by aiming at and shooting at their weapon.

 Depending on the game mode at play, if you get 'shot' and you are eliminated you can go back to your base to respawn via our Respawn station. At the end of the round, the team with the most kills wins.